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Legal Disclaimer

Health Disclaimer

COVID-19 is a serious disease whose outcome depends on numerous factors including pre-existing conditions and timing of treatment. No guarantees can be made that any person who chooses to employ recommendations from Synergy Health DPC will experience benefit or not suffer adverse effects. The science of this illness is constantly changing and the coronavirus is mutating with unknown effects on treatment recommendations. Patients can have unique comorbidities, sensitivities or individual reactions to treatments. Patients assume the risks of treatment choices.

Synergy Health DPC protocols have been adopted from extensive world-wide review of both randomized-controlled, double-blinded studies and observational studies analyzed and reviewed by the Frontline Covid 19 Critical Care Committee (FLCCC).  These protocols derive from the these studies demonstrate efficacy in preventing and minimizing the seriousness of COVID-19 hospitalizations from respiratory complications primarily.  Additional studies can be seen on

Synergy Health DPC protocols, medications, vitamins do NOT CURE, TREAT, or PREVENT COVID-19, they ONLY Manage the symptoms the patient presents.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 or visit your closest Emergency Room. There are no guarantees that the treatments and or advice Synergy Health DPC offers and or administers will treat, prevent or cure COVID-19 or any other illnesses, diseases or syndromes the patient may contract or has contracted.

For extensive information relative to the treatment of COVID-19 at ALL stages of the illness, please refer to:



    •   “Latest Science of Ivermectin w/ Pierre Kory on Unbreaking Science”