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An innovative approach to healthcare. Experience easy access to convenient, high-quality healthcare through modern innovations in healthcare delivery.
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Welcome to Synergy Health Network!

Synergy Health DPC offers answers to today’s medical needs. We offer a virtual clinic that provides healthcare through telehealth services for a variety of needs. Instead of calling and finding an appointment that fits the schedule of the doctor’s office or clinic, you can schedule healthcare on your own terms at Synergy Health DPC, a premier telehealth company.

We provide online, confidential telehealth care through consultations, prescriptions, and 24/7 online support.

Be in better control of your health today!

Synergy Health can help you feel better faster. Discover how easy and reliable our services are.

Our Services

High-quality, convenient healthcare at your fingertips. We provide affordable and compassionate care to individuals, families, and businesses.

Mental-Health (1)
A broader range of healthcare services that helps you stay healthy and keeps you ready when you need it. Expanding the reach of healthcare and moving it closer to you via telehealth to improve health outcomes.
Express-Visit (1)
Express Visit
A convenient way to access the immediate care you need for commonly treated conditions like Stomach Bugs and Seasonal Allergies.
Men's-Health (1)

Men’s Health

For Him – a personalized care service dedicated to helping men achieve optimal health, both mentally and physically. Guiding them to the path of a healthier lifestyle and better self.
covid-care (1)

Covid Care

Dedicated and tailored COVID protocols for preventing or managing the symptoms of COVID.
Care Pass

Care Pass

A more personalized and health-focused service that guides your journey through recovery when you are sick.
Group Telehealth

Group Health

Providing an alternative way for employers and employees to get better together. We connect your team members to more efficient and streamlined care.
Mental Health

Mental Health

A holistic approach to mental health that is convenient, confidential, and personalized. Creating a space just for you to express your mind.
Womens-Health (1)
Women’s Health
For Her – a specialized service to providing care and support to women by giving them the right balance of care and treatment.
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Healthcare Redefined

Tap into the most convenient and affordable way to access the care you need, at your fingertips.
  • Low-Cost Healthcare Alternative
  • Unlimited Primary Care Consultations
  • Access Quality Care with 24/7 Online Support
  • Designed with flexibility in accessing instant care.
  • Prescriptions sent to your favorite pharmacy.

Healthcare Innovated

By utilizing technology, Synergy Health provides the solution for your healthcare needs. Be in charge of your healthcare decisions whenever and wherever you are.
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Be in better control of your health today!

Synergy Health can help you feel better faster. Discover how easy and reliable our services are.

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