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Covid Care

At Synergy Health DPC, our goal is to keep you healthy at home

Should you or any of your family seek to prevent becoming ill with Covid, experience the common symptoms of Covid or have lingering effects of Post Covid Syndrome, please be assured that we offer several different Covid protocol options that are tailored to the individual needs of each patient.Our dedication to making concierge health care affordable for all patients means that everyone can manage their Covid symptoms from the comfort of home.

Rapid Consult

$ 500
  • This appointment is for patients who need to be seen in less than 24 hours. Prescriptions will be sent to your local pharmacy or we will submit an order for them to be sent directly to your home. Optional add-on oxygen order is available if needed. ALL patients coming out of the hospital must choose this visit before benefiting from our other services.

Sick Consult

$ 250
  • Choose this visit if you are sick or you have been exposed. You may also choose this option if you need to be seen sooner than our well patients. You will be directed to our online calendar which is only a PLACEHOLDER in the QUEUE. Please select any time slot. So you do NOT get lost in the Queue. After registering you can text us at (888) 329-0120 to verify. Please give us time to reply. This visit is NOT credited towards Care Passes and is Non Refundable

5-7 Day Care Pass

from $500
  • If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, we offer CARE PASSES which include UNLIMITED VISITS. We can place an order for all necessary medical equipment including the pulse ox, nebulizer, and oxygen. Care Passes are non-refundable. Ask about this service during your consultation.

Well Visit

$ 150
  • Choose this visit for a Wellness Visit with our team to go over our most up-to-date protocols. For patients that want to continue they can register for one of our membership plans. Ask us how to have everything delivered to your home.*

Long Haul Membership

$ 99
  • If you have recovered from a past Covid infection and are currently experiencing Post Covid Syndrome (Long Haul Covid), we offer a low-cost option to help you manage your symptoms with the goal of a full recovery. We take a functional medicine approach to the treatment of symptoms through the utilization of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diet, and lifestyle changes. We have two different levels of care for Post Covid Syndrome; each start with an initial visit. Should a higher level of care be necessary, the initial visit charge is applied to the monthly plan.